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About CIS Mortgage

We aim to help CIS contractors find the right mortgage for their circumstances.  

In 2016, our CIS mortgage advisors secured a suitable lending provisional decision for 87% of all enquires we received! 

Our friendly mortgage advisors are all experts in the CIS Scheme. They understand that you are neither employed, nor self-employed – but somewhere in between. 

They use your average day-rate to calculate exactly how much you can borrow, and only place your CIS mortgage with a High Street bank. 

93% of all the mortgages our clients applied for in 2016 received a binding offer from a High Street lender within 10 working days. (Among those declined, the decision was generally due to either unsuitable or down-valued properties.)

As long as you are on the CIS Scheme, and have 3 months’ worth of continuous payments and a good credit record, then we can help you get a mortgage offer based on your average day-rate. In most circumstances, you can borrow up to 5 times your gross annual salary, and access the same fantastic mortgage rates available to someone who is directly employed! 

We leave the specific mortgage advice to the experienced mortgage advisors affiliated to us. They are each expert in securing mortgages for contract workers. But the general information presented on our site acts a guide to get you started…

When you are ready, we can put you in touch with one of these specialists. They all know the lenders, and which one will fit in with your personal needs best. Each one has been carefully vetted, to ensure you get the best customer outcome. 

After all, we cannot build a successful business, without first ensuring we achieve happy customers! 

Remember, the information here has been written in consultation with them, so you can be confident we offer the best, most up-to-date general information on the mortgage application process, as it applies to CIS contractors.

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