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We help contractors of all kinds to obtain a mortgage in the UK

We specialise in mortgages for contractors who are paid through the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS); but our expert mortgage advisors can almost certainly help if you are a self-employed contractor in any employment sector in the UK. Ask us for a free, no obligation consultation.

Most mortgage lenders will ask you for detailed accounts, projections, and endless paperwork, yet probably still fail to recognise the true gross value of your earnings as a contractor.

If you have been under contract with one firm for at least 6 months, even a firm outside the construction sector, and can provide evidence that you have a history working in your chosen field, then we can help you today.

To calculate your mortgage borrowing potential, our expert mortgage brokers will apply the day-rate of your contract.

Get in touch with our mortgage advisors for an instant decision on your eligibility for a  contractor mortgage.

Self-employed contractor for less than 1 year? can help you obtain a mortgage to buy your next home. In fact, if you have just started out in self-employment, and have a contract with at least 6 months left to run, our expert mortgage brokers have the knowledge and experience to place you with the right lender.

Contact us today and discover if you qualify for a contractor mortgage.

There are many different types of contractor, and there are more than 90 mortgage lenders in the UK, all with different lending criteria and different ways to assess your income. Our team can establish which mortgage is best for you.

Whether you are an IT contractor, engineering contractor, agency worker, or work under an Umbrella Company, we will find the right UK mortgage to meet your circumstances as a self-employed worker.

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