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CIS Scheme

Do I Qualify for a CIS Mortgage?

Quite simply, you qualify if you are self-employed in the construction Industry as a Builder, Decorator, Electrician, Plasterer, Plumber or any other tradesman, and you work for one firm that deducts 20% of your salary for Tax.  A CIS worker is the middle ground between being truly self employed and employed.  Most mortgage lenders do not have the expertise to view CIS workers as anything other than self employed.  Most banks ask to see 3 years of accounts before even considering you for a mortgage.  However as a construction industry professional, you have the regular supply of work by contracting to only one firm and you do not have to worry about a hefty tax bill at the end of the financial year. In fact most CIS workers obtain a tax rebate.  Our Mortgage experts recognise this special status and will treat you in a more positive way by using your daily rate of pay to calculate how much you can borrow rather than the profit you show the taxman after your expenses.  By placing your mortgage with the right lender that can deal with this scenario, our mortgage experts can obtain a higher level of borrowing for you.    – Simply give us five minutes of your time and we can show you how.