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Do I qualify?

Are you a self-employed builder, decorator, electrician, heating engineer, or other role working in the construction industry?

Do you work for a construction firm that deducts 20% of your salary for tax?

If you answer yes to both questions, then you are paid through the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) – and we can help you get a mortgage!

A CIS worker is the middle ground between being truly self-employed or permanently employed. However, most mortgage lenders treat CIS contractors as self-employed, and before considering a mortgage application they will ask to see accounts for at least 2 and perhaps even 3 years.

Now, to reduce your tax liability, your bookkeeper or accountant will usually advise you to record all business-related expenses. But when it comes to seeking a mortgage, this poses a problem. You see, banks use your net profit after expenses to calculate how much you can borrow. This typically yields a much lower borrowing figure compared to what is typically offered to someone employed as a full-time, permanent employee.

So why don’t banks treat you like this?

The simple answer is that most banks, and even independent mortgage brokers, do no not understand your status. But we do.

Contact our CIS mortgage advisors now, for an instant decision, or see how much you can borrow on a mortgage.

Our experts calculate how much you can borrow based on your daily rate of pay, rather than the profit you show the taxman after your expenses. They can also achieve a better level of borrowing, by placing your mortgage with a lender familiar with the CIS Scheme.

Give us just five minutes of your time and we can show you how.

Contracting for less than 1 year?

Many of you may have become a CIS contractor only recently.

Perhaps you changed trade or profession? Or perhaps a previous employer offered you better terms, or an enhanced salary if you’d switch to becoming a contractor.

Most other brokers, and banks, struggle to find a mortgage suitable for someone who has a continuous record as a CIS contractor running for less than 12 months. But this isn’t a problem for our team. Where others may have failed you, we are confident we can find a suitable mortgage after you complete our free, no obligation telephone assessment.


Based on our specialist understanding of the CIS Scheme, our expert mortgage advisors can present an air-tight case to the mortgage underwriters on your behalf.

It takes just a few minutes to calculate how much you can borrow.

Don’t delay, Contact us now for your free, no obligation CIS mortgage assessment.

Less than perfect credit history? Low deposit?

Even if you have managed to save just 5% of your expected purchase price, or have a small CCJ, or a default registered more than two years ago, don’t despair… we can still help you get a mortgage.

As long as you are upfront with our CIS mortgage advisors, their success rate in obtaining fantastic mortgage deals is incredibly high, even under these circumstances.

But they must know all the facts about you and your credit situation, because only then can they mount a successful challenge for a mortgage, based on your day-rate. So, if you have any bad credit, no matter how minor, obtain a copy of your credit report and present it to your mortgage advisor.

Whether you ready to buy now, are just planning ahead in order to buy a new home in the future, call us; or send an enquiry and have one of our experienced CIS mortgage advisors call you right back.

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