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Who Do We Help????

Who do we Help?

With so many mortgage companies available in the area, it can be hard to select one. Here at CIS, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading mortgage companies for self-employed mortgages, contractor mortgages and more. We strive to help everyone that we can, regardless of your credit score. Here are a few of the people that we can help get mortgages.

Self Employed People

It can be difficult for self employed people to get a mortgage. Just because you are self employed doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve a house. The problem that many self employed individuals run into is that mortgage companies look at business accounts. Here at CIS Mortgages, we will not use your business account to determine your eligibility. Instead, we are more concerned with helping you. To help you find the best self employed mortgage, we can only look at the money that you have made in the last 12 months. If you are self employed, contact us today for CIS mortgage advice.

People with Bad Credit

It can be just as hard for individuals with bad credit to get a mortgage. Lenders and the staff may treat you differently. Here at CIS Mortgage, our non-judgmental staff will put your mind at ease while we help you find the best lender for your mortgage. There are quite a few lenders that will still take your application into consideration provided that you have not had a judgement against you in two years.
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Contractors make up a large percentage of our clients. After hearing so many stories, we understand how hard it can be for contractors to obtain a mortgage. This is why we specialize in providing contractor mortgages. Contractors are encouraged to contact us for CIS mortgage advice even if they have less than 12 months of check stubs. As long as you can provide proof of a contract that will last long enough to make up the difference, we can help you find the perfect mortgage.

For example, if you have only worked six months, we simply need proof that you have a contract that will last another six months. Contact CIS mortgages today for more mortgage advice on how to obtain a contractor mortgage.

Whether you are self-employed, a contractor or simply have bad credit, we have the experience necessary to help you get a mortgage. Our friendly staff is prepared to help you any way that they can. We understand that being a contractor can be tough, but that doesn’t mean that getting a mortgage should have to be. Contact CIS Mortgages today for mortgage advice on how to get a low rate mortgage regardless of your situation.