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Getting a Self Employed Mortgage

Applying for a self employed mortgage used to be a hassle that many people avoided all together. It was a general rule of thumb that self employed individuals were rarely approved by banks. Now, thanks to businesses like CIS mortgages, it is easier than ever for individuals in this situation to get the help that they need in order to own their own home. When applying for one of our self employed mortgages, keep in mind these things.

Proof of income

It is not required for individuals to provide business statements for the last five years. Instead, we will need proof of income for the last two years. If applicants have recently become self employed, that is fine. We will still work with every applicant to help them get the help that they need, if at all possible. Many applicants are simply required to provide proof of future income, such as long term contracts that will last for the next twelve months.


Regardless of how lenient the staff at CIS mortgages tries to be, a deposit is still required. Contacting the local office before applying to determine the amount that will be required is strongly encouraged. We will work with every family to help get the lowest deposit possible, but a down payment will still be required. Browse through the rest of our blogs for important money saving tips that can help you save money for your deposit quicker than ever before.

Lack of Credit History Doesn’t Matter

CIS mortgages often hear from individuals that are turned down for a number of reasons, and one of those is a lack of credit history in the United Kingdom. Here, we don’t hold a lack of credit history against anyone. Instead, we take your income into account more than anything else. As long as you can pay back your mortgage, we can help you get one.

Residency is Almost Irrelevant

If you have recently moved to the UK, it may be best to wait awhile to apply for a mortgage, hence the word almost. On the bright side, applicants are not required to have lived in the United Kingdom for three years, like most banks require. Instead, CIS connects many applicants that have lived in the UK for as little as one year with brokers that understand their circumstances and are willing to work with them instead of against them.

Merely taking the time to apply for a mortgage used to feel like a waste of time for self employed individuals. Now, thanks to CIS Mortgages, it will feel like a weight off of your shoulders when you finally realize that you will be able to own your own home. Our highly skilled staff will not treat you differently due to your employment status, how long you have lived in the UK or your lack of credit history. Instead, every applicant will be greeted with a friendly smile before we help you find the perfect broker to suite your needs.

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