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Becoming Self-Employed: Things to Consider

When individuals become self-employed, they often imagine that they will be living the dream. They will be able to work whatever hours they would like to, and they finally get to be their own boss. Sometime after a person starts working for themselves, reality usually hits.

This is when people realise that they do not get benefits from their employer, and they may have to work longer hours to make up for those. They begin to think about their future, and what being self-employed means in addition to being your own boss. Fortunately, when self-employed individuals consider a few things about their future, they will be better prepared than ever before.


Getting a self-employed mortgage can be more difficult than if a person is regularly employed. Most mortgage companies that offer self-employed mortgages require that clients show proof of income for the past five years, tax returns, current business contracts and so on. The amount of paperwork required can take weeks to gather if it has not been properly stored, or, worse yet, if business owners are not organised.

Working with a company like CIS Mortgages can help make buying a home easier than ever before, but they do still require proof of income. They simply need to make sure that you are able to make the mortgage payments. If you’re considering buying a home in the future, it’s never too early to look at mortgage companies and plan for the future.


When a person is employed, they often have the option of getting a pension plan and have other ways to plan for retirement. Self-employed contractors, however, miss out on this. Often, self-employed individuals do not prepare for retirement, or they begin to prepare too late in life. This results in them having to work past their retirement age or in them not being able to enjoy their life like they should be able.

Taking the time to search for ways to plan for retirement early on can guarantee that every person gets to enjoy their retirement. This may be as simple as opening a savings account.


Most companies offer benefits of one kind or another to their employees, such as short term and long term disability, life insurance and health insurance. Before becoming self-employed, it is highly recommended that individuals look into the options that are available.

Some companies only offer life insurance through an employer, but there are plenty of affordable options to guarantee that self-employed individuals can still have the same benefits as everyone else. There are also companies that offer disability insurance, and health benefits.

Being self-employed comes with a great deal of benefits. Most individuals enjoy being able to take a random nap in the middle of a Wednesday and creating their own hours. Every self-employed person should also consider the costs of being self-employed. Then, they will enjoy being better prepared for their future, which will make everything from buying a home to retirement easier than it is on most contractors.